Hello, beautiful soul!

I am happy with your visit.

My name is Marta Kozłowska. I am a graphic artist and a designer. On my website you will find sophisticated posters, unearthly comfortable linen clothing and minimalist applied art objects. They will bring natural, pleasant peace into your life.

Regardless of whether I create a logo, linocut or scarf of my own design I act in a thoughtful and refined way. Out of respect for nature, I choose traditional materials and working methods (linocut, setigraphy) I focus on high quality and precision of workmanship. I know that nourishing contact with art can and should be something of every-day. That’s why I design comfortable, simple and beautiful things. I create for modern people who value balance and development. What inspires me constantly is femininity, nature and … my own soul.

Yes I know. The soul is not a word that is used too often. It is a bit suspicious as it smells of lack of reason or the
need to fight for your salvation. “New Soul” sounds much better. It sounds like this 

Listen to it. It’s a song that I’m going with in my life. There is confidence in it to trust and move forward despite mistakes and ignorance. There is hope and good energy in it.

And you – independent, strong and sensitive being?
Do you think about your soul sometimes?

Following the inner voice contact with your own soul is the source of enormous life force. I give you this strength in every single tiny piece I make. Take it. My art is for you. It’s for every-day.

  • If You value nature and aesthetic places that give you a rest,
  • You like to be surrounded by high quality items,
  • You enjoy having sensual pleasure with life,
  • You prefer comfort, minimalism and frugal forms,
  • You do not want to forget your right to renewal and growth

Then feel invited to my world:

  • Take a creative excursion or in-the-city workshop that I organize for those who dream about getting their hands dirty with ink creating their own graphics.
  • Order beautiful and simple objects your soul has been missing,
  • Explore graphic designs (logos, videos, business cards, leaflets, etc.) 
  • I create for culture entities and private companies. I can gladly prepare a project for you.


Marta Kozłowska BIO: 

I graduated from the defended  the  Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,  the Faculty of Interior Design in 2008. Since then I have been working on my own. I am busy with design, painting, graphic art and professional graphic design. I create logos and comprehensive visual identification. I make linocuts and organize workshops of traditional  printing methods. I always undertake new creative challenges. All this goes under the Newsoul brand. Besides I practice yoga and I’m a vegetarian. I come from Olsztyn but live in Krakow with my daughter Gaja and my husband Paweł. We both promote a healthy and active lifestyle combining art and sports.